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Brenda's Organics encourages you to participate in our subscription program by rewarding you with a generous basket of fruits and vegetables with the lowest possible pricing available. If the subscription method does not work for you, market-style shopping is also an available option at reasonable prices.

A subscription allows you to have an equal portion of the weekly produce order which provides your family with a wide variety of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

How it works: Produce will be delivered to Brenda's Organics in West Kissimmee every Saturday morning. You may pick up your produce from 7:30am-8:15am. If you cannot make it at that time, please email us to make other arrangements.

The contents of each subscription basket will change from week to week. Fruits and vegetables will be ordered based on availability, price and input from you!

New subscriptions are available on a monthly basis, providing you with the most cost effective produce, as well as on a weekly basis.

Our monthly subscription offers you the most substantial savings on your organic produce at only $24.00 per week. We start a monthly subscription at the beginning of each month for $96.00 (for a four Saturday month) or $120 (for a five Saturday month). Your full payment should be sent in by the Wednesday preceding the first Saturday of each month.

For example, if you want to get your produce at the best possible price of $24.00 per week in July, you would want to have your payment to Brenda's Organics by Wednesday, 6/28/06 and your order would be ready for you on Saturday 7/2/06.

You can also subscribe for $28.00 per week. Your weekly payment should be sent in the Wednesday prior to each Saturday's delivery.

Subscription payments can be made either via PayPal (Instant Transfer or eCheck payments only), Money Order or check.

Email Brenda's Organics (using the link to the left) to find out where to send checks and money orders.

If you are unable to subscribe, you are welcome to shop any Saturday at the aforementioned time, however there is no guarantee of the variety of produce that will be available at that time.

To subscribe monthly for a four week month (May, June, August, October, November) or send in your monthly payment, click here:

To subscribe monthly for a five week month (July, September, December) or send in your monthly payment, click here:

To subscribe weekly or send in your weekly payment, please click here: