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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an item listed as part of my share in the email I get on Friday and then not included in my share on Saturday?

There are two reasons for this. We order the item and then it is A) sold out before our order is put on the truck. Or, B) the item is delivered but is in poor quality. In either case it is our goal to offer only the best-tasting produce so we have to sometimes decline items.

Why is an item offered for sale and it is not in my share?

One of the benefits we offer is that you may special-order cases or half-cases of produce. When someone orders a half-case, there is extra available for sale, but not enough to divide amongst the shares.

Is it really more economical to pre-pay my share?

This week's produce share would cost you $42.55 if you were to buy it "Market Style." If you were to buy it retail it would cost you over $50.00 (If you could find the selection.)