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Master Produce List

You are welcome to order off of this list as well. For instance, if you are big on apples, you could buy 1 or 2 shares and a half-case of apples. If we were to order a half-case of fujis right now it would be $56.00 (your cost) for 35 large fujis. And if you were to order a whole case it is cheaper per apple (Fujis are out of season right now...). There will be extra produce for sale in addition to the shares--things that don't divide up evenly between the number of families ordering. This could be a place for you to get more of the things your family enjoys.

The following list contains items that are available at this time.

Product: Due to the fact that fresh produce is dependent upon many variables, not everything on this list is available every week. We will be happy to consider everyone's preferences, so please let us know what on this list you would like to see included in subscriptions and our market and how often. In addition to your monthly or weekly subscription you are welcome to order a half- or whole-case of anything available for an additional cost. Send an email inquiry for more details.


ASPARAGUS: Green; White

BEANS: Green; Green Romeo; Yellow Wax

BROCCOLI: Lady Moon; Crowns; ?Regular?

BEETS: Baby Chiogia; Chiogia; Baby Gold; Gold; Baby Red; Red; Ox Heart

CABBAGE: Baby Bok Choy; Bok Choy; Green; Napa; Red; Savoy

CELERY: Celery Root; ?Regular?; Celery Hearts

CAULIFLOWER: Romanesco; ?Regular?

CARROTS: Bunny; Bunny Jumbo; Baby Peeled; Table; Jumbo; Juice; Carrot w/Top

CUCUMBER: Lady Moon; Small; ?Regular?


GARLIC: Peeled; White Colossal; Chopped; Crushed; Super; Roasted

GREENS: Arugula; Red Chard; Green Chard; Rainbow Chard; Collards; Green Dandelion; Red Dandelion; Green Kale; Lacinato Kale; Lacinato Kale (Lady Moon); Red Kale; Green Mustard; Radicchio; Rapini; Spinach; Watercress; Braising Mixed Greens

FRESH HERBS: Cilantro; Curry Leaf; Dill; Fennel; Pureed Ginger; White Ginger; Yellow Ginger; Lemon Grass; Curly Parsley; Italian Parsley; Parsley Root; Rosemary; Basil; Lavender; Oregano; Sage; Sorrel; Spearmint; Thyme; Tarragon

LETTUCE: Green Butter; Green Leaf; Red Butter; Red Leaf; Romaine Hearts; Green Romaine; Red Romaine; Frisee

MUSHROOMS: White; Cremini; Portabella; Shitake

ONIONS: Green; Leeks; Shallots; Red; Red Jumbo: Yellow; Yellow Jumbo; Yellow Sweet; Yellow Cippolini

POTATOES: All Blue; German Butterball; Buttercreme; Auzzie Crescent Fingerling; Ruby Crescent Fingerling; French Fingerling; Russian Banana Fingerling; Ozettes; Pink Creamer; Princess La Ratte; Purple; All Red; Red; Russet; Russet Baker; White; Yellow Finn; Yukon Gold

SWEET POTATO: Garnett; Beauregard; Jewell; Oriental

PEAS: Sugar Snap

PEPPERS: Green; Hot Mixed; Jalapeno; Orange; Red; Sweet Minis; Yellow; Anaheim; Serrano; Yellow Hot

RADISHES: Beauty Heart; Black Root; Daikon; Daikon with Top; Easter Egg; Red; Watermelon

ROOTS: Green Kohlrabi; Purple Kohlrabi; Parsnips; Rutabaga; Red Sunchoke; White Sunchoke (Jerusalem Artichoke); Tumeric Root; Gold Turnip; Clip Top Turnip; Purple Top Turnip; Scarlet Turnip; White Turnip; Horseradish

EARTH GREENS SALAD MIXES: Broccoli/Carrot Combo; Broccoli Florets; Broccoli Slaw; Baby Romaine Clamshell

NEWMAN?S OWN ORGANIC SALADS: Baby Arugula; Herb Salad; Italian Mix; Sweet Spring Lettuce; Chopped Romaine; Baby Romaine; Baby Spinach; Spring Mix

SPROUTS: Alfalfa; Mung Bean; Broccoli; Clover; Crunchy Mix; Daikon Radish; Spicy Mix; Sunflower; Wheat Grass

SQUASH: Carnival; Kabocha; Lakota; Spaghetti; Sunburst; Yellow (Lady Moon); Zucchini (Lady Moon); Zucchini Medium; Green Acorn; Butternut

TOMATOES: Red Cherry; Cherry on the Vine; Grape; Santa Sweets; Sundried; Ugly Ripe, ?Regular?; Roma

APPLES: Ambrosia; Braeburn; Cameo; Fuji; Gala; Gold Delicious; Granny Smith; Jonagold; Pink Lady; Pinata; Red Delicious; Spartan; Sundowner

AVOCADOS: Fuerte; Haas; Bacon

BERRIES: Blueberry; Strawberry; Raspberry

CITRUS: Ruby Grapefruit; Star Ruby Grapefruit; White Grapefruit; Lemon Burst; Lemon; Meyer Lemon; Lime Burst; Persian Lime; Valencia Orange; Sunburst Orange; Hamlin Orange; Blood Orange Moro; Navel Orange; Minneola Tangelo; Kumquat; Royal Mandarin Colossal; Oro Blanco; Temple Orange; Honey Murcott Tangerine; Orlando Tangelo

KIWI: California; Italy; Gold Kiwi

MELONS: Honeydew; Orange; Yellow

PEARS: Red Anjou; Asian; Bartlett; Bosc; Cascade


TROPICALS: Aloe; Banana; Red Banana; Young Thai Coconut (conv); Tommy Atkins Mango; Kent Mango; Golden Pineapple; Red Sugar Cane

DRIED MUSHROOMS: Chanterelle; Cremini; Wild Lobster; Maitake; Matsutake; Wild Northwest Mix; Smoky Porcini; Portabella; Shitake; Wood Ear